Friday, 8 May 2009

Indaba 2009

**Indaba 2009 is happening this weekend**.

SA Tourism will be showcasing their wares and deliver exciting news about what they are doing for their local tourist trade partners. The following can be expected;

* You can participate in product workshops and their local and international exhibitions
* You have the opportunity to network with international tourism companies.
* Through the Sho't Left section on their website you can advertise your packages for free.
* Their annual Welcome and Eteya awards showcase the best that South Africa has to offer. By entering, you'll receive additional local and international exposure.
* In preparation for 2010 they are launching a global marketing campaign, which you will benefit from. is packed with valuable information for local, international and business travellers, as well as the trade. It's better designed to help increase your business' exposure.

Here's how:

* They'll market your business through our new website, this gives you global and local exposure at no cost.
* Your biz will be listed in the "Your Concierge" product search, available on +200 pages across the site and will appear in any main site searches that match either your name or service type.
* Relevant products are displayed alongside associated articles.
* Users can add your products to their Trip Planner, your contact details then appear in their Wish list - this is sent to the travel agent to book.

So, now that you know how they're taking your business places, here are some reasons to plan your next trip with

* Trip Planner recommends best possible experiences in SA, based on your interests.
* National Product Database will help you locate the finest accommodation, activities and restaurants.
* Contact expert travel consultants online to plan your trip.
* Save your Wish list, share it with family and friends and send it to your travel agent for quotes.

So you may be wondering why I'm posting an article about Indaba 2009? Well we have had the pleasure of delivering a couple of elements on the mobile side which all focuses around this event and what you can expect to receive from SA Tourism.

If you cannot make it to the event there are 2 things you can do;

1) sms your name and email address to 34743 to register with the National Tourism Product Database

2) Log in to where you can;

View what's on at the event

View the exhibitors at the event

Download the 2010 advert as well as

Experience the diski dance (also a download) and an brilliant concept which has huge potential for user generated content to be added.

In addition Garmin introduces Garmap for Mobile which can be downloaded off the site.

1. Launch your mobile internet browser.

2. Launch the application from the folder that it installed to.

3. Follow the onscreen prompts to start using the application.

Please note that roaming data charges will apply whilst using Garmap for Mobile

*Join the growing network of Indaba delegates on LinkedIn:

So what are you waiting for.... go, register and check it out.

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