Monday, 9 June 2008

The long road to living your Passion

We all have our passion - categorized into various elements of our lives - the things that drive us, push us and keep us coming back for more. I for one have many..., my favorite however is my love the ocean. Give me a surfboard, a wave and I am in the space I would love to live the rest of my existence out. I would do almost anything to get into the surf, on a good day, no wind, blue sky and warm water. Hmmm - contentment, fulfillment and a sense of belonging.

Until recently I have been on a very long journey of self discovery in finding a place of interest where I can work in an environment and experience the same or similar emotions as to those of my extra-curricular passions. You see I believe that this life of ours has to count – and I for one want to be content, fulfilled and have that sense of belonging in the work I do.

It's been a seriously long road, one in which I have enjoyed many of the opportunities I have had the privilege of being engaged in – however, up until recently not one in which I have discovered my true passion.

My most fulfilling years in my work environment were when I used to work for HP, when I was 28, as the Marketing Manager for HP Africa. That was the most terrifying yet at the same time fulfilling work I have had the opportunity of being involved in. The sheer magnitude of looking after 52 countries, yet the absolute joy of being empowered to evangelize a Brand – it was magnificent.

Many years have passed since that time and through those I have had the privilege of working in the Mobile Phone space, which in my ‘humble’ has to be one of the most exciting business I have encountered in the past 12 years or so...., still the road was long and something about my passion was missing.

Right now I stand on the shore, and look to the future with those feelings of Contentment and Fulfillment for I have found my passion. I have discovered a place that provides me with the desire to be in this space all the time.....

Mobile Media together with Social Marketing media is absolutely the foundation off which I will be building my working platform going forward. The culture of everyone working in this space is one that gives me hope and excitement about the endless opportunities that we are presented with.

I have seen how effective this space is and recently ran a campaign that delivered phenomenal results - a 45% response rate! Where have you heard of that? All I can say is; look out for me, I'll be the one traversing the divide between internet and mobile communication riding every wave I have the opportunity of catching...

See you out there.

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