Wednesday, 11 February 2009

BMW MMS Campaign

I am exceptionally fascinated by the mobile device as a marketing tool and am keenly interested in the success of mobile campaigns. When we fist started out evangelising about the possibilities of mobile we had a very strong focus on multi media messaging. The possibilities with MMS are huge and this was our swansong for many months - however with the success of admob, buzz city, mxit and other mechanisms we had to revise our stance on what the Mobile landscape is all about.

After much research, debate and discussion we defined the landscape - which I have to say is exceptionally complex and massive. There are so many components one has to consider when defining a campaign and it's not neccessarily as simple as one would like it to be with complexities such as network operators, integrators, aggregators, handset manufacturers, operating systems, browsers and phone capabilities...

However I am thrilled to see that BMW have implemented and successfully run a multimedia campaign that has generated a WHOPPING $45 MILLION from a spend of approximately $60,000. In my books, that is an incredible success and confirmation that Mobile Media is a viable contender as a marketing mechanism.

The full story courtesy of Tomi T Ahonen can be viewed here.

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