Friday, 19 December 2008

Mobile Marketing Campaigns Launched in December

We had had the priveledge of working with 2 great companies and have launched not 1 but 2 mobile campaigns this week;

In no particular order:

Is a campaign aimed at driving awareness about the launch of the film - which is intially being launched in 3D and later in the month 2D. The Mobisite has been designed to inform people about the film as well as facilitate downloads of content such as Bolt's Superbark, the trailer and some of the characters.

If you're out and about and are keen to check the site on your phone plug in to your browser and enjoy.

This campaign is targeted primarily at the adult segment of the market as it is a little Risque with an advert of Eva Mendes being available for download off the Mobisite. The interesting element here is that the advert has been banned in the US because you can see (for a millisecond) Eva's nipple.

We are anticipating quite an uptake with this campaign as not only does it appeal to the men but the women can obtain their free samples from various retail outlets.

Check it out from your mobile -

I'll feedback stats and interesting info once we have let the campaign run it's course. Until then Happy Holidays - be safe and rest well.

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