Friday, 5 September 2008

Motorola Rokr E8

I have been making a lot of noise about Mobile Media on this blog and yet have not given much consideration to the devices that are the foundation to all that I have presented thus far. So the direction of this blog is changing somewhat but I guess that's what life is about - isn't it...

Everyone is talking about the new 3g Apple Iphone which admittedly is a beautiful piece of engineering.. So I've decided to turn my attention to the new Motorola "Rokr" series instead.

I have to admit I have never been a big fan of Motorola.. Having toyed with the Razr and a couple of earlier 3g editions. I found the whole user experience a bit backward as compared to Sony Ericsson and Nokia. The menu structure and functionality of the phone just never felt right. Sending a text was always a mission for some reason and the quality of the audio was horrible to say the least. Save to say I’ve been pretty loyal to Sony Ericsson – up till now – but that’s an entirely different discussion.

Recently I was handed an EM30 to play with and to my pleasant surprise I have been bowled over by the phone. It's probably one of the sexiest phones on the market - the look and feel is really funky. Although it is designed as a music phone it facilitates all the functionality I required for accessing the web as well as my Gmail account. It is exceptionally easy to use - and it works! The phone has clearly been pitched at a younger market where music, pictures, blogging etc are important as it has all these wonderful features built in. The audio has been improved dramatically with their Crystal talk function which allows you to talk and hear in any environment as Motorola's new technology filters out background noise.

What I did struggle with initially was the setting up of MMS and WAP but after some manual intervention got the phone working. Another small issue for me is the screen size.... great width but a bit short for my liking.

So the question is have they done enough to entice existing users of Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung and Nokia to make the switch?..... hmmmmm

What you think of the new phone and or your experience with Motorola?

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