Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Mobile Marketing

I am an advertisers dream, I see Kentucky Rounder Chicken Burger being advertised on television and suddenly I obtain a craving for it. All the latest technology, games, and cars - you name it if it's pushed passed my any of my senses - I know that my life will just be so much better having acquired what has just been presented to me.
I guess this is the reason I love the world of marketing, I identify with it and understand how, if positioned effectively a product/brand can maintain a certain level of mindshare.
For example if I had not seen the advert for the new A5, and had driven passed an Audi dealership, I would more than likely carry on driving - but my interest has been piqued, my desire enticed and so when I see the next Audi car dealership you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be booking myself a test drive.

What's my point or rather what is the point?

I have been involved in talking to a number of large corporate recently about what they are doing regarding mobile media platforms and delivery of advertising and communication to their customers. Whilst most see value in being able to interact with their customers 365 days a year - let me repeat - 365 DAYS A YEAR, very few (In Fact None) are using this technology to touch their customers. It's Bizarre! If I could interact with my customers at least once or twice a month and know that that interaction could be reciprocal - in other words - my customers could engage with me through this medium (that never leaves their side) by accessing information of value to them - Heck I'd be stupid not to do so.

So why is it so difficult for companies to make the transition? Why are they stuck in the "pull" rut and why has no one embraced the capabilities that mobile media can offer business today?

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Anonymous said...

Hans, a lot of us are asking similar questions; from a social media point of view your 'lament' is similar to Andy's a few days back (http://www.andyhadfield.com)'why are SA businesses scared of social media?".

We've just got to keep at it and hope that our 'early adopter' status works in our favour one day.